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Part I
Sacred Signs

Part II
To The Blessed One

Part III
To The Boy



Flame in chalice!
Father—fire. Son—fire. Spirit—fire.
Three equal. Three indivisible
Flame and heat—are their heart.
The fire—their eyes.
The whirlwind and the flame—their mouth.
Flame of divinity—fire.
The fire will sear the evil ones.
The flame will burn the evil ones.
The flame will stay the evil ones,
Will purify the evil ones.
Bend back the arrows of the demons.
Let the poison of the serpent descend upon the evil ones!
Aglamide, Commander of the Serpent,
Artan, Arion, give ear!
Tiger, eagle, lion of the desert wastes,
Guard from the evil ones!
Curl as serpent; be burned by
Disperse, perish, O evil!
Flame in chalice!



Father—the peaceful. Son—the peaceful. Spirit—the peaceful.
The three equal. The three indivisible.
The blue sea—is their heart.
The stars—their eyes.
The night dawn—their mouth.
The depth of divinity—the sea.
The evil walk upon the sea.
Blind to them are the arrows of the demons.
Lynx, wolf, gerfalcon,
Guard the evil ones!
Keios, Keyosavi, let them in,
The evil.



Know, Stone! Guard, Stone! Fire, hide! Be lit by fire! By the red, the courageous; By the blue, the peace-filled; By the green, the wise. Know alone. Guard, Stone! Foo, Lo, Ho, carry the Stone. Reward the strong. Compensate the faithful. Yenno–Guyo–Dja, Hurry with help! top SACRED SIGNS

We do not know. But they know. The stones know. Even trees Know. And they remember. They remember who named the mountains And rivers, Who constructed the former Cities. Who gave the names To the immemorial countries— Words unknown to us— They are filled with meaning! Everything is filled with achievements. Everywhere Heroes passed. “To know” — Is a sweet word. “To remember” — Is a terrible word. To know and To remember, to remember and to know Means—to have faith.

Airships were flying. Came pouring a liquid fire. Came flashing The spark of life and death. By the might of spirit stony masses Ascended. A wondrous blade was forged. Scriptures guarded wise secrets. And again all is revealed. All new. Fairy tale—legend— Have become life. And we live again. And again we shall change. And again We shall touch the earth. The great “Today” shall be dimmed Tomorrow. But Sacred Signs Will appear. Then When needed. They will be unperceived. Who knows? But they will create Life. And where are The Sacred Signs? top WE SHALL SEE

We go to search for Sacred Signs. We go carefully and In silence. People pass by. They laugh. They summon us to follow. Others hurry on In discontent. Others threaten us. They want to seize what we possess. The passers-by Do not know that we have gone To search for sacred signs. But The threatening ones shall pass. They have so much to do. But we Shall search for Sacred Signs.

Nobody knows where The Host has left His signs. Very likely they are on the milestones Beside the road. Or in the flowers. Or in the waves of the river. We think that one can quest for them In the cloudy vaults, By the light of the sun, by the light of the Moon. By the light of resin And bonfire shall we search For Sacred Signs.

We walk A long time. Keenly we look. Many people pass us by. Verily, it seems to us, they Know the command: to find The Sacred Signs. Darkness falls. It is difficult to discern The way. Indistinguishable the paths. Where can they be— The Sacred Signs?.. Today, it may be We shall not find them. But tomorrow will be Light. I know We shall See them. top AT THE LAST GATES

We were told “Forbidden!” Yet we entered none the less. We approached the gates. Everywhere we heard “Forbidden!” We wanted to see the signs. We were told: “Forbidden!” We wanted to kindle the light. We were told: “Forbidden!”

Gray, seeing, knowing guards, You are erring guards. The Host has permitted to know, The Host has permitted to see. No doubt it is His wish That we shall know, that we shall see.

Behind the gates a messenger stands. He brings us something. “Let us in, guards!” “Forbidden!” we were told. And the gates were closed.

But none the less many were the gates We passed. We broke our way through And “Permitted” remained behind us. The guards at the gates halted us. And they begged. And threatened. And we were warned: “Forbidden!” We pervaded everywhere. “Forbidden!” All forbidden? Forbidden all? To all forbidden? And only behind us “Permitted?” But on the Last Gates It will be traced “Permitted!” And behind us “Forbidden.” “Thus inscribe!” He commanded Upon the Last Gates. top THE BEGGAR

At midnight arrived our King. He passed to the chamber, they said. In the morning the King came into the crowd And we were not even aware. We missed the sight of him. We had to find out the commands. But no matter; in the crowd we shall approach And touching Him we shall say and ask: “How vast the throng! How innumerable the streets! How many roads and trails! Lo, He could journey far. And will He return again to the chamber?”

Everywhere are footprints in the sand. Nevertheless we shall distinguish the footprints. A child went by. Here, a woman with a burden. Here, no doubt, a limping one. He prostrated himself. Is it possible we shall fail to distinguish? Always the king has a staff. We shall distinguish the footprints of the leaning ones. Here, a sharp warrior point. It does not resemble! Wider is the staff of the King And the bearing calmer. Well-aimed will be the taps of the staff. Whence came so many people? As though arranged by common consent to cross our path. But we shall hasten. I see a majestic footstep, accompanied by A peaceful and measured staff. This no doubt Is our King. We shall overtake and ask.

We jostled and preceded people. We hastened. But with the staff majestically walked A blind beggar. 1916 top TRAILS

We shall reach the King in the forest— People shall not prevent. There we shall ask Him. But always the King walks alone And the forest is overflowing with trails. It is not known who walked this way… The denizens of night passed by. Silently they glided and went on their way. By day, deserted is the forest. Silent, the birds. Silent, the wind. Far has gone our King. Muted are trails and The ways. top CAN I BELIEVE THEM?

Shall we believe?— Finally we learned Whereto the King went: To the old square of the three towers. There He will teach. There He will give His commands. He will speak once. Twice Has never spoken the King.

We shall rush to the square through an alley, Avoiding the hurrying crowds. We shall reach the base of the Wind-tower. To many this path Is unknown. Everywhere are people. All by-paths are crowded. Around the passage-gates people are thronging And there already He speaks.

Farther we shall not go. The one who came first Nobody knows. But dimly is glimpsed the tower. Sometimes it seems as though the Kingly Word Resounds. But no. One cannot hear the words of the King. People are transmitting them To each other. A woman—to a warrior. A warrior—to a great lord. A shoemaker, my neighbor— To me. Does he Hear them correctly from the merchant Standing on the stoop of the porch? Can I believe Them? top TOMORROW

I knew so many useful things And now I have forgotten them all. Like a robbed traveler. Like a beggar who has lost his possessions. In vain I remember the riches That long since were mine; I remember unexpectedly, not thinking, Not knowing when the perished knowledge Will flash.

Only yesterday I knew much But during the night everything dimmed. It is true the day was great. The night was long and dark. Came the fragrant morning. It was fresh and wondrous And illumined by the new sun. I forgot and was deprived of that Which I had gathered. Under the rays of the new sun All the knowledge melted. No longer can I distinguish An enemy from friends. I do not know when danger Threatens. I do not know when Night will come. And the new sun I shall not be able to face. All that I once possessed, But now I am orphaned. Pity it is that I shall again regain The needed not earlier than tomorrow. But today's day is still long. When will it come— The tomorrow? top TIME

It is dreary for us to walk in the crowd. So many hostile powers and darts. Dark creatures descended On the shoulders and faces of passersby. We shall go aside; there On the hill where the pillar stands— An ancient one—we shall sit down. They will pass us by. All creatures will settle below And we shall wait.

And if the message About the Sacred Signs shall appear, We too shall strive. If they are borne aloft We shall rise And honor them. Sharply we shall look, Sharply we shall listen; We shall be valiant and aspire And we shall manifest—then when Shall come the predestined Time. top INTO THE CROWD

My garment is ready. Now I shall put on the mask. Do not wonder, my friend, if the mask Shall terrify. This is only A visor. We shall have To leave our house. Whom Shall we meet? We know not. Why Shall we appear? Against the assailants We defend ourselves with the shield.

The mask is disturbing to thee? It does not resemble me? Under the brow is not seen The glance of the eye? Deeply furrowed, the forehead? But soon we shall take off The visor. And shall smile to each Other. Now we shall enter The crowd. 1918 top IN VAIN

Unseen are the Sacred Signs. Let rest thine eyes. They are tired, I know. Close Them. I shall look for thee. I shall tell About what I see. Hearken! Encircling is the same plain. The gray bushes are rustling. The lakes sparkle like steel. Unresponsive, the stones stand dumb. Cold in the meadows they glisten and Shimmer. Cold are the clouds. They fold themselves in a furrow. They pass Into the endless. They know, they are silent, And guard. I see no bird. The deer does not run on the plain. As before, there is no one. Nobody comes. Not one Sign. Not one traveler. I do not understand. I do not see. I do not know. Thine eye thou wouldst strain In vain. 1918 top IN THE DANCE

Fear, when the silence comes In motion. When the strewn winds Turn into storm. When people's speech Shall cumber with senseless words. Be terrified, when in the ground as treasure trove People bury their riches. Fear, when they consider Safe the treasures only On their bodies. Fear, when at hand Crowds gather. When they forget About knowledge. And with joy will destroy What was learned before. And with ease execute Threats. When there shall not be Whereon to inscribe one's knowledge. When the leaves Of writing become unsteady, And the words mischievous, O my neighbors! You builded darkly for yourselves. You overturned Everything. There is no mystery farther than the Present. And with the sacks of unhappiness You went wandering and to conquer The world. Your madness has called the most Hideous woman, “Desired one!” You are ready to drown yourselves In the dance. 1916 top I SHALL ASCEND

Once more shall my voice resound. Whither did you go from me? Your voices deafened On the rocks. No more can I distinguish Your voice from A falling branch—from the flight Of a migrating bird. My calls To you also were drowned. I do not know whether you will go But I still long To reach the height. The stones Already stand bare. The moss becomes Fainter, and the juniper Withers and stands weakly. Your rope would be useful To me too; but also alone I shall ascend. 1917 top THOU SHALT SEE

“What warms my face?”

“The sun shines. It fills With warmth our garden.”

“What resounds?”

“The sea resounds. Although behind The rocky mountain, it is unseen.”

“Whence the fragrance of almond trees?”

“The bird-cherry tree is blossoming. White blossoms overflood The trees. Apple trees are also In blossom. Multi-colored, Everything glimmers.”

“What lies ahead?”

“Thou standest on the hill. Before us a garden slants. Behind the meadow, the bay rises blue. On the other side are hills and Forests. The pine mountains are Darkening. The outlines are lost In the blue space.”

“When shall I See all that?”

“Tomorrow Thou shalt see.” 1917 top THE GUARD

“Guard, tell me why Thou dost close this door? What So constantly dost thou guard?”

“I guard The secret of this chamber.”

“But empty is the Chamber. Worthy people Have declared: ‘There is nothing.’”

“The secret of the chamber I know. To guard it, I am appointed.”

“But empty is thy chamber!”

“For thee it is empty!” answered the guard. top THE KEY FROM THE GATES

“An enchanter I shall be today And failure transmute to success.”

The silent ones began to dispute. Those about to leave turned back. The hostile began to waver. The threatening ones drooped. Thoughts that came like a dove Were received for the governance of the world. The most peaceful words brought A tempest. And thou walkedst like a shadow of that Which had to happen. And thou shalt become a child In order that shame shall not hinder thee.

Thou wast sitting at the gates of the passers-by Accessible to every rogue. Thou askedst who wanted to defraud Thee? … Is it astonishing? … A successful hunter shall find A worthy hunt. He shall find it without fear.

But, achieving my quarry, Leaving, I know that not all of you I have seen. The best Meetings remained without An issue. And many worthy ones Passed by or Have not yet attained. But I did not know them. And disguised I sat amidst you. And you wrapped yourselves In different webs. Silently You guarded the rusty keys Of the gates. 1917 top TO HIM

Finally I found the hermit. You know how difficult it is To find here on earth a hermit. I asked him whether he would show me The path and would he accept Graciously my works?

He gazed a long time and asked What is the most loved that I have.

“The most beloved?” I answered. “Beauty it is.”

“The most beloved Thou must leave.”

“Who commands it?” I asked.

“God,” answered the hermit.

“Let God punish me— I shall not leave the most beautiful That will lead us To Him.” 1920 top OUR PATH

Travelers, now we are passing A country road. The farms Alternate with fields and woodlands. Children are taking care Of the herds. They approach us. A boy gives us whortleberries In a reed-basket. A young girl extends A handful of fragrant grasses. A little lad Gives up to us His serrated little cane. He thinks with it We shall walk more lightly.

We are passing on. Never again shall we meet These children. Brothers, we went not far From the farms But you are already tired of gifts. You have scattered the fragrant grasses. You have broken the little reed basket. You have thrown into the gutter the little cane Given by the young lad. Why do we need It? On our long path. But the children had nothing else. They have given us the best of what They had to adorn Our path. 1917 top I SHALL NOT REVEAL

Leave thy smile, O my friend. Thou dost not know what I have hidden here. Without thee I have filled this chest. Without thee I have covered it with a web And I have turned the key in the lock. To probe thou shall not succeed. And if thou wouldst gossip Thou wouldst have to speak falsely. Invent, falsify, to thy need. But the treasure-chest again I shall not reveal. 1917 top PART II TO THE BLESSED ONE