H. S. Lewis - Wisdom of the Sages - Thou shalt abide by the trinity consecration, co-operation and organization

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The tenth and last command of the decalogue is:


And, this last command reveals the purpose of this article. It is to offer you an opportunity to enter into ways and means of abiding by the commands of the decalogue and, with that preparation which can come only to the few, fulfill your mission in life; and with consecration to principle and ideals, co-operation with others similarly inspired, assist in an organized way to spread the great Light in the darkened valleys of our country.

Consider this, then, an invitation to inquire further and to obey the third and fourth commandments herein. And, having digested well this message, you shall, in accordance with the seventh commandment, pass it on and on to those who should feast with you and share with you the opportunity which has so freely come to you. In this wise this message will come to many and not remain in the heart of but one. You shall consider yourself chosen to select from your acquaintances those who might be interested, and in turn they shall pass it on to others. In silence and without name or personality it will reach some who are hoping and seeking; thereby the mission of a simple printed paper is fulfilled.

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