H. S. Lewis - Wisdom of the Sages - Not by right but by privilege shalt thou enjoy knowledge

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The sixth command of the decalogue is:


It is so easy to believe that knowledge should be the common property of all men by right. It is true that God hath given us eyes with which to see, ears with which to hear and a brain with which to understand and remember. But these gifts are privileges, and all that is retained in the brain or consciousness as a result of the functioning of the eyes and ears and other faculties is a privilege and cannot be claimed as a right. So, says the Mystic.

The acceptance of a gift carries with it no greater obligation of appreciation and reciprocity than the use of a privilege obligates us to realize the unselfishness of our benefactor. Therefore, with logic and rational reasoning. the Mystic finds agreement with the next command of the decalogue.

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