H. S. Lewis - Aum Om Amen - The mystic words

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The word Amen

Of all the mystic words found in the teachings, rituals, and symbolism of the various mystical and philosophical schools of the Orient and the Occident, the words Aum, Om, and Amen are most frequently used and most generally recognized.

But the average student of mysticism in the Occident knows little, indeed, about either the origin or nature of these words.

In the Rosicrucian rituals and teachings several of these words are used. They are rightly applied to certain principles, and correctly associated with certain laws. Perhaps of all the various mystical bodies in the Occident, the Rosicrucians use these words more precisely in their mystical studies and principles. But from the questions that occasionally come to us from our members and from non-members who read our literature and magazines, it is apparent that there is still some unnecessary mystery surrounding these words, and I feel that it may be helpful to touch upon this subject in greater detail.

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