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The first sound that every babe makes

It is interesting to note, also, that almost the first sound that every babe makes in its attempt to express itself or reveal its inner emotions by sound is that which is caused by the pronunciation of the letter "m."

In all of the sacred chants of the East two sounds are more often repeated and used in connection with various ideas expressed in a mystical manner: these are the sounds of "au" or "ah," and the "m" sound. In our secret teachings the meaning of the "m" sound is made very plain and is significantly revealed. The sound of "ah" or the broad sound "a" is almost universally a sound of adoration or of awesome enthusiasm representing the expression of ecstasy of the soul and mind. It is used, therefore, in many chants and sacred utterances to express adoration, and in such cases is used in a prolonged tone of "ah" to the note of the keyboard mentioned a moment ago.

Right here the investigator might say that he would like to know why some other sounds such as "oh" often used in the English language to express surprise or confusion, or other letters of the alphabet such as "r" or "e" or "i" are not used for mystical purposes, or made to represent the word "that was in the beginning."

May I say in answer to this natural question that the combination of "ah" and "m" represents in its perfect and correct pronunciation a rate of vibration that is filled with creative, Divine power that brings immediate attunement with the Cosmic forces.