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To teach spiritual principles to children
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Children Realities
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Many religious principles are easily taught to children. Then when they are old enough to be more interested in religion, they are not easily led into beliefs that are fictitious and purely arbitrary from an orthodox point of view.

The laws of Karma, justice, compassion, truth, love, universal tolerance, universal peace, and health are simple things to teach to the child mind.

They will bring to the child mind a picture of a loving God, kind and merciful, instead of a God that is jealous or at times angry and revengeful. The child mind can easily conceive of a simple explanation of the laws of Karma and justice. It accepts these explanations as being far more logical and reasonable than the explanations of hell, fire, and damnation.

Here is a great work for parents, and in this work unquestionably lies the salvation of the future generations and the building of a better and greater nation of people in every land.

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