H. S. Lewis - Wisdom of the Sages - Approach with reverence that which is holy

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The fifth command of the decalogue is:


In the sense that that which is sanctified is Holy, we can agree with the Mystic's statement: "I sanctify that which is purified and purged and made free from moral, physical and spiritual error and sin; and that which is elevated in character, pure, inviolable and proves to be an efficient means for soul-happiness and spiritual blessing, is truly sanctified."


The truth is that the Mystic, newly initiated or profoundly learned, is ever conscious of the fact (not theory) that in God and through God are all things. In the working of every law and the evolution of every principle throughout all natural (not supernatural) phenomena, the Mystic sees the mind of God and recognizes divinity. To the Mystic all is sacred and holy by its very nature and because it exists at all.

To approach the threshold of mystic knowledge with reverence is like unto approaching the presence of God with holiness of heart and mind.

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