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To pronounce these words and the meditation

In attempting to pronounce these words you will notice that little physical effort is required, and that a very peaceful and relaxed attitude of the body and mind can be maintained while using them, and that this relaxed condition enables the entire body to be benefited by the sound vibrations which set up a condition of attunement with the Cosmic almost immediately.

In the Sanskrit grammar we learn much about these sounds, and it should be kept in mind that the Sanskrit language was probably the first one in which the mystical words were first associated with ideas in a definite manner, and regulated in their application. In the Sanskrit language the combination of "a" and "u" is equivalent to a dipthong pronounced as the "o" is pronounced in other languages, and this "o" has the same sound as "ah" or "auh."

The correct pronunciation of the sound has an immediate effect through the sound channels of the mouth and head upon the pituitary and pineal glands, and even the thyroid.

These effects are transferred psychically through the sympathetic nervous system to all of the psychic centers and plexuses of the human body.

It is for this reason that the mystic in private, relaxed meditation often begins his period of Cosmic attunement by the repetition of this mystical word either as "aum" or "om," repeating it slowly ten or twelve times, and always trying to strike the correct musical pitch.

In this connection it is well for those who wish to experiment more extensively with the word to secure a little pitchpipe at some music store, securing one which will give the "a" sound, or a tuning fork that will do so.

If there is a musical instrument in the house it will be a valuable help to practice this word with the correct note on the instrument for a number of days until one becomes trained in correctly determining the right pitch and tone.