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These words Aum, Om and Amen are identical

It may not be apparent at first to the average student of mysticism that these words Aum, Om, and Amen are identical except in spelling or linguistic nature.

In each case the "m" sound is of extreme importance, and in pronouncing the words it should not only be emphasized but prolonged.

The "o" and the "au" and the "a" are almost identical in sound, and in mystical ceremonies in the Orient are pronounced in the tone and pitch of the musical note A in the first octave above Middle C.

The word Amen should be pronounced as though it were spelled "Amn," or really "Am," and as one syllable rather than two. If it were spelled "Ahmn" we would be able to pronounce it more correctly for the "a" should have a fairly broad sound given to it.

Undoubtedly hundreds of books have been written, and many hundreds of secret manuscripts prepared dealing with these three words, or with the root of them. For the root sound is more easily recognized by English-speaking people in the form of Aum. Those familiar with the Christian religion will recall the passage in the Christian Bible which states that "in the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And there are other references not only in the Christian Bible but in the sacred writings of other lands relating to the fact that this word was made flesh at one time or another in the past, and may be made a living word again. It is interesting to know also that in nearly every spoken language of the world there is a sound that is equivalent to Aum or Om.

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