H. S. Lewis - Aum Om Amen - The word Amen

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Very few of the Christians in the Occidental world who use the word Amen (pronounced a-men) seem to realize that they are using a very ancient mystical word, and that their use of it is more or less incorrect and most certainly misunderstood. And, strange to say, very few Christians know that Jesus Himself was called "The Amen" as revealed in a passage in the Christian Bible. This illustrates how mystical words may be attached to ritualism without a correct understanding of their use, or their nature, and how such words may be continued in use through many centuries as a mere formality.

Incidentally, it may be said that in the Christian ritualism and ceremonies there are many mystical, Oriental, and even pagan elements that were adopted by the early Christians and have come down through the ages with an entirely erroneous application and with a complete elimination of the beautiful mystical power that could be derived from a correct use of them, and an understanding application of them. But that is another subject with which we may deal at some other time.

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